High Pressure Fittings: We are making further deliveries!

High-Pressure Fittings: Wakmet Makes Further Deliveries to the Polish Market The high-pressure fittings we offer meet the strictest technical requirements and are adapted to work in difficult conditions. Thanks to advanced production technology and rigorous quality controls, our high-pressure gate valves ensure safe and effective operation. Our company is at the stage of completing subsequent deliveries of high-pressure gate valves for hypersensitive parameters to the Polish market. Our products, characterized by high quality and reliability, have gained recognition among customers who value solid and durable solutions. We constantly strive to improve the standards of our products, which is why we invest in modern technological solutions and the development of our team. The subsequent deliveries of high-pressure gate valves to the Polish market are proof of our commitment to providing the highest quality industrial fittings. Please contact our sales department to learn more about the solutions we offer. We are convinced that our high-pressure fittings will meet your expectations and contribute to the success of your projects. We invite you to check our social networks

Wakmet at Achema 2024!

Wakmet at Achema 2024 We are happy to announce that Wakmet will be present at the largest event in the process and chemical industry - Achema 2024. This year's edition of the fair will take place on June 10-14, and we, together with our trusted partner Intec, invite you all customers and interested parties to visit our stand. Location of our stand: Hall 8, stand E2A Achema is considered a key event for specialists and enterprises from the process, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This is an ideal opportunity to learn about the latest trends, innovations and technological solutions in our industry. During the fair, we will present our flagship products and the latest technological achievements. Our stand will be a perfect place for direct conversations, exchange of experiences and establishing new business contacts. Our experts will be at your disposal, ready to answer all your questions and present our offer tailored to the individual needs of each client. We encourage you to plan a visit to our stand today! This is a great opportunity to see live how our solutions can contribute to the efficiency and safety of your production and operational processes. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet industry leaders and learn about the future of industrial technologies. See you at Achema 2024 - don't forget to visit the Wakmet and Intec stand to see how our innovative products and solutions can support your company in achieving new successes. We are waiting for you! Link to the event: ACHEMA 2024: World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries – ACHEMA We invite you to check out our social networks

14th Polish Junior Archery Indoor Championships

From March 23 to 24, 2024, we had the pleasure of being part of something special - the 14th Polish Junior Archery Indoor Championships. This event, taking place in a spacious sports hall in Bodzanów, gathered young, talented archers from all over Poland, providing them with a unique opportunity to present their skills and compete at the highest level. Wakmet, proudly supporting the development of youth sports, this time decided to take patronage over this unique event. Our involvement in sponsoring the Polish Youth Archery Championships results from our deep belief that sport shapes character, teaches discipline and determination, and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. For two days, Bodzanów became an arena of fierce but always fair competition. Young archers, with unwavering focus and determination, competed for the title of Polish champion, demonstrating extraordinary skills and passion for archery. Observing their efforts and commitment, one could not help but feel that we were dealing with true champions in spirit, not only in the sports field. Congratulations to all championship participants for their fortitude, determination and great sportsmanship. We are convinced that the experiences gained during these competitions will be an invaluable treasure for them in the future, inspiring them to further develop and strive for perfection not only in sports, but also in life. Please visit our social media profiles

Fire drills in Wakmet

Last week, fire drills were held at our company's premises, conducted by the state fire brigade. This structured training has been a key element in ensuring employee safety and is designed to prepare staff to respond quickly and effectively in the event of fire or other emergencies. Wakmet has always placed great emphasis on ensuring the safety of its employees. Therefore, it regularly invests in various types of training and procedures that help minimize the risk of emergency situations occurring at the plant. Fire drills are an important part of these activities, enabling the fire brigade to familiarize themselves with the company's facility and practice rescue operations in realistic conditions. During recent exercises, firefighters had the opportunity to test their skills in various scenarios, from employee evacuation to effective fire extinguishing. Thanks to this, they can quickly and effectively respond to any potential threats, minimizing the risk to the life and health of employees and company property. Wakmet remains committed to continuously ensuring the safety of its employees by investing in fire protection measures and regular training. This focused strategy not only raises security awareness among staff, but also ensures that the company is ready to respond effectively to any emergency situations. Thanks to this, employees can feel confident and safe in the workplace, knowing that they are adequately prepared for any potential threats. Gallery of photos and videos from fire drills Please check our social media profiles

Wakmet Investments 2024

Wakmet's investments for 2024 In the face of a dynamically changing market and growing customer expectations, our company constantly strives to improve its operations. We are happy to announce that 2024 is a time of significant investments in new machinery for us. This strategic decision underlines our commitment to modernize production, accelerate processes and streamline all technological operations. The decision to invest in new machinery results from our philosophy of continuous improvement and adaptation to the changing world. We understand that technological innovation is the key to remaining competitive and providing our customers with the best solutions. Modernization of the machine fleet will allow us to use resources more efficiently, minimize waste and better protect the environment. The new investment will also significantly shorten the lead times for our orders. For us, investing in new machinery is not only a technical issue, but also a confirmation of our commitment to our customers and the environment. We are convinced that these changes will have a positive impact not only on our business, but also on the industry in which we operate. Wakmet continues its mission to provide the highest quality products and services, while ensuring sustainability and innovation. We encourage all our current and future customers to familiarize themselves with the possibilities offered by the new machinery. We are ready for new challenges and projects. You can find our product catalog at this link. We invite you to check our social media profiles

Wakmet expansion to the Czech market

We are proud to announce another milestone in the history of our company. On January 30, 2024, Wakmet took a significant step forward by starting its expansion into the Czech market by establishing the company Wakmet CZ Sro. Wakmet's expansion into the Czech market creates a bridge connecting us with Czech customers and business partners. This is an expression of our commitment to building lasting relationships and adapting our services to the needs and expectations of customers on the Czech market. Also exciting is that our website has been enhanced with automatic translation into Czech. This innovation is a testament to our desire to be as close to our customers as possible, regardless of language barriers. The availability of content in Czech will make it much easier for Czech partners and customers to navigate our offer. This solution will increase the transparency and availability of our products and services. Wakmet's expansion into the Czech market symbolizes a step towards the growth and development of the company, demonstrating our aspirations. It is also an expression of faith in the potential and opportunities offered by the Czech market. We look forward to building new relationships, expanding existing partnerships, and contributing to the growth of both our communities. The headquarters of the new company is located at 28. října 810/246, in the Mariánské Hory district, 709 00 Ostrava. Contact our representative in the Czech Republic, Matej Boček: matej.bocek@wakmet.cz. We also invite you to our social media

Wakmet LRQA training – Nuclear energy in Poland

Nuclear energy in Poland, this was the title of the meeting and training in which our company participated. On October 10, our representatives Agnieszka Kuśmierczuk and Krystian Piszcz participated in a panel discussion and training entitled Nuclear energy in Poland. The training took place in Łódź and was entirely prepared by LRQA Polska. The meeting in Łódź focused on key issues related to nuclear energy, in particular its role and importance for Poland. During the event, there was a panel discussion devoted to the future of nuclear energy in the country. Speakers Etienne van Steenhoven, Simon Emeny and Chris Richold shared their knowledge about nuclear energy and the standards and regulations related to it. Topics discussed at the meeting included, among others: Methods of certification of the quality assurance system for the nuclear industry based on the ISO 19443 standard. Issues related to safety, technological innovations and potential benefits resulting from the development of nuclear energy were also discussed. The results and conclusions from this meeting will certainly influence the further activities of our company and the development of nuclear energy in Poland. A fascinating future lies ahead of us, in which nuclear energy will play an increasingly important role in shaping the national energy landscape. We also invite you to our social media

Nuclear Energy: Poland Pumps and Fittings – Symposium

Our company is honored to participate in the prestigious symposium entitled "Polish pumps and fittings for nuclear energy". This event will take place on October 4-5, 2023 at the Warszawianka hotel in Jachranka, thanks to the support of the Pump Manufacturers Association, the POLSKA ARMATURA PRZEMYSŁOWA Association and the Ministry of Climate and Environment. The event includes the participation and speeches of representatives of the Ministry of Climate and Environment, investors such as Polish Nuclear Power Plants and Orlen Synthos Green Energy, as well as representatives of the Office of Technical Inspection. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to exchange views with technology suppliers such as Westinghouse and GE Hitachi, as well as with other Polish manufacturers of pumps and fittings. On Thursday (October 5, 2023), our representative, Vice President Krzysztof Kaczmarek, will speak. He will talk about the organizational and technical challenges that accompany the supply of fittings for nuclear projects. This is a big step for our company, which will allow everyone present to learn more about nuclear energy and the challenges it involves. You can read more detailed information on the website of the SPAP association: Invitation to the symposium "POLISH PUMPS AND FITTINGS FOR NUCLEAR ENERGY" We also invite you to check out our social media.

WAKMET Employees on Two Wheels: Our Inspiring Bicycle Trip

On Saturday, September 9, 2023, our company WAKMET organized an unforgettable integration bicycle trip. It was the perfect opportunity to integrate our team. Our team of employees, full of enthusiasm and ready for the challenge, set off on a 68 km long route. Objective? Drive through the charming areas of the Czech Republic, discovering the beauty of the landscapes and building bonds with each other. From the very beginning, we were accompanied not only by the will to overcome the distance, but also by the spirit of competition and cooperation. The route of our integration bicycle trip Our route led through picturesque places such as Mikulovice, Ceska Ves, Pisecna, Lipova, Lanze, Priessnitz, up to our destination - the Jeseníky Mountains. During the entire journey, we had the opportunity to admire beautiful landscapes, passing charming villages, forests and mountain trails. The cycling adventure gave us the opportunity to break away from everyday duties and get to know each other outside the desk. However, the most important aspect of our bike trip was team integration. It is not only an opportunity to talk and laugh, but also to develop relationships between us. At work, we are often focused on tasks and goals, forgetting how important it is to build relationships with our colleagues. The bike trip allowed us to get closer, get to know each other better and understand that cooperation and support from teammates is the key to success. At the end of our trip, when we reached the Jeseníky Mountains, we were tired but full of joy and satisfaction. This trip was not only a great opportunity for physical activity, but also to strengthen our team. For our company WAKMET, this is proof that team integration is extremely important. When employees join forces and work together as one, they not only achieve better professional results, but also build lasting relationships and a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Summary Thanks to this bicycle trip, we understood that a shared adventure can be not only fun, but also a great tool for building bonds and strengthening relationships. Now we are ready for new challenges and successes at work, knowing that our team is really well-coordinated and ready to work together. Integration is the key to success, and we are ready for further joint expeditions and challenges! Photo gallery from our bicycle trip. We also invite you to check out our social networks.

The Wakmet company trains UDT employees in SPAP

From June 27, 2023 to June 28, 2023, our company, in cooperation with other valued members of the industry association, had the honor to conduct an intensive SPAP training for employees of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). What is SPAP training? Our company, an experienced manufacturer and supplier of industrial fittings for the industrial sector, actively participated in the organization of SPAP training (Practical Training for Industrial Equipment) for UDT employees. The aim of this initiative was to improve knowledge and skills related to the control and operation of pressure equipment in industry. We shared our knowledge and experience with the participants to contribute to better equipping the staff with practical skills. During the two-day training, specialists from Wakmet and other partners of the association conducted theoretical classes and practical workshops. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest standards and regulations regarding pressure equipment, as well as practical aspects of their installation, maintenance and diagnostics. SPAP training for UDT employees is an important step towards increasing safety and quality of work in the industrial sector. By exchanging knowledge and experience between experts, failures and accidents related to pressure equipment can be more effectively prevented, which is crucial for ensuring a safe working environment and protecting the natural environment. Our company and the association continue to cooperate with the Office of Technical Inspection, promoting the development of technical knowledge in the field of industrial fittings. We expect further training and initiatives to improve safety and quality of work in the industry. We encourage you to check out our social media profiles.

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