Wakmet LRQA training – Nuclear energy in Poland

Nuclear energy in Poland

Nuclear energy in Poland, this was the title of the meeting and training in which our company participated.

On October 10, our representatives Agnieszka Kuśmierczuk and Krystian Piszcz participated in a panel discussion and training entitled Nuclear energy in Poland.

The training took place in Łódź and was entirely prepared by LRQA Polska. The meeting in Łódź focused on key issues related to nuclear energy, in particular its role and importance for Poland. During the event, there was a panel discussion devoted to the future of nuclear energy in the country.

Speakers Etienne van Steenhoven, Simon Emeny and Chris Richold shared their knowledge about nuclear energy and the standards and regulations related to it. Topics discussed at the meeting included, among others: Methods of certification of the quality assurance system for the nuclear industry based on the ISO 19443 standard. Issues related to safety, technological innovations and potential benefits resulting from the development of nuclear energy were also discussed.

The results and conclusions from this meeting will certainly influence the further activities of our company and the development of nuclear energy in Poland. A fascinating future lies ahead of us, in which nuclear energy will play an increasingly important role in shaping the national energy landscape.

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Wakmet LRQA training – Nuclear energy in Poland
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