14th Polish Junior Archery Indoor Championships

14th Polish Junior Indoor Championships

From March 23 to 24, 2024, we had the pleasure of being part of something special - the 14th Polish Junior Indoor Archery Championships. This event, taking place in a spacious sports hall in Bodzanów, gathered young, talented archers from all over Poland, providing them with a unique opportunity to present their skills and compete at the highest level.

Wakmet, proudly supporting the development of youth sports, this time decided to take patronage over this unique event. Our involvement in sponsoring the Polish Youth Archery Championships results from our deep belief that sport shapes character, teaches discipline and determination, and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.

For two days, Bodzanów became an arena of fierce but always fair competition. Young archers, with unwavering focus and determination, competed for the title of Polish champion, demonstrating extraordinary skills and passion for archery. Observing their efforts and commitment, one could not help but feel that we were dealing with true champions in spirit, not only in the sports field.

Congratulations to all championship participants for their fortitude, determination and great sportsmanship. We are convinced that the experiences gained during these competitions will be an invaluable treasure for them in the future, inspiring them to further develop and strive for perfection not only in sports, but also in life.

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14th Polish Junior Archery Indoor Championships
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