Fire drills in Wakmet

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Last week, fire drills were held at our company's premises, conducted by the state fire brigade. This structured training has been a key element in ensuring employee safety and is designed to prepare staff to respond quickly and effectively in the event of fire or other emergencies.

Wakmet has always placed great emphasis on ensuring the safety of its employees. Therefore, it regularly invests in various types of training and procedures that help minimize the risk of emergency situations occurring at the plant. Fire drills are an important part of these activities, enabling the fire brigade to familiarize themselves with the company's facility and practice rescue operations in realistic conditions.

During recent exercises, firefighters had the opportunity to test their skills in various scenarios, from employee evacuation to effective fire extinguishing. Thanks to this, they can quickly and effectively respond to any potential threats, minimizing the risk to the life and health of employees and company property.

Wakmet remains committed to continuously ensuring the safety of its employees by investing in fire protection measures and regular training. This focused strategy not only raises security awareness among staff, but also ensures that the company is ready to respond effectively to any emergency situations. Thanks to this, employees can feel confident and safe in the workplace, knowing that they are adequately prepared for any potential threats.

Gallery of photos and videos from firefighting exercises

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Fire drills in Wakmet
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