WAKMET Employees on Two Wheels: Our Inspiring Bicycle Trip

On Saturday, September 9, 2023, our company WAKMET organized an unforgettable integration bicycle trip. It was the perfect opportunity to integrate our team.

Our team of employees, full of enthusiasm and ready for the challenge, set off on a 68 km long route. Objective? Drive through the charming areas of the Czech Republic, discovering the beauty of the landscapes and building bonds with each other. From the very beginning, we were accompanied not only by the will to overcome the distance, but also by the spirit of competition and cooperation.

The route of our integration bicycle trip

Our route led through picturesque places such as Mikulovice, Ceska Ves, Pisecna, Lipova, Lanze, Priessnitz, up to our destination - the Jeseníky Mountains. During the entire journey, we had the opportunity to admire beautiful landscapes, passing charming villages, forests and mountain trails. The cycling adventure gave us the opportunity to break away from everyday duties and get to know each other outside the desk.

However, the most important aspect of our bike trip was team integration. It is not only an opportunity to talk and laugh, but also to develop relationships between us. At work, we are often focused on tasks and goals, forgetting how important it is to build relationships with our colleagues. The bike trip allowed us to get closer, get to know each other better and understand that cooperation and support from teammates is the key to success.

At the end of our trip, when we reached the Jeseníky Mountains, we were tired but full of joy and satisfaction. This trip was not only a great opportunity for physical activity, but also to strengthen our team. For our company WAKMET, this is proof that team integration is extremely important. When employees join forces and work together as one, they not only achieve better professional results, but also build lasting relationships and a positive atmosphere in the workplace.


Thanks to this bicycle trip, we understood that a shared adventure can be not only fun, but also a great tool for building bonds and strengthening relationships. Now we are ready for new challenges and successes at work, knowing that our team is really well-coordinated and ready to work together.

Integration is the key to success, and we are ready for further joint expeditions and challenges!

Photo gallery from our bicycle trip.

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WAKMET Employees on Two Wheels: Our Inspiring Bicycle Trip
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