Stop-globe valves

Stop valves are designed for industrial installations in which the medium is water, oil, steam and other factors in the form of liquids and gases.

In addition, they are great for working with chemically aggressive agents.

The task of these valves is to cut off the medium in industrial installations. Our offer also includes shut-off and non-return valves, which are used to close and open the flow, as well as protect the installation against backflow, and valves with a throttling plug, whose plug can operate in intermediate positions between complete opening and closing, which enables throttling of the flow.

stop valves

This is the most universal group of valves. This is due to the variety of materials used for the basic structural parts and the method of assembly on the installations (threaded, flanged and welded connections, as well as straight or angular shape).

Stop valves - specification

Our company specializes in high-pressure products, which is why our valves are considered to be one of the best and more durable. Below we present you the specification of stop valves.

PN6 – 800
DN4 -300
minimum temperature-196℃
maximum temperature670℃

Our range of stop valves

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